Surprising Metal Roofing Benefits for Homes

Although, metal roofs have been installed for centuries all over Europe, in the US, metal roofing has not received the same widespread acclaim.

Standing Seam Meta Roof Installation
Standing Seam Metal Roof

However, things are starting to change fairly rapidly, as homeowners are becoming more aware of this whole new-to-them concept of residential metal roofing through TV infomercials, as well as seeing their neighbors getting new metal roofs put on their homes.

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What are Some of the Advantages of Metal?


There are a quite a few advantages metal roofs have over shingles; namely modern metal roofs are energy efficient, light weight, durable and very long lasting. Did you know? Many high-end metal roofs are designed and warrantied to withstand class 4 hail?

The robust growth of the metal roofing industry in recent years, has made it possible for manufacturers to offer a wide variety of residential and light commercial systems, designs and styles to choose from; these include steel shingles, metal slates, shakes and tiles, standing seam, and residential-grade corrugated metal roofs designed to be aesthetically appealing and built to last.

Steel Shingles Metal Roof on a Hip Roof of a 2 story home
Steel Shingles Metal Roof on a Hip Roof of a 2 story home
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Your Contractor is the Key to Getting a Long Lasting and Durable System!

Modern metal roofs are designed to last a lifetime, but there is a catch, your system still needs to be installed correctly! Thus, it is of vital importance that you find a reputable roofing company to install your new metal roof. Make sure that you only hire a specialty contractor, and not just any regular roofer to install your new metal roof for you.

What about the Cost?

Metal Roofs are not cheap and come with a price tag. You may expect to be quoted a price that is two to three times of what you would normally pay for a typical asphalt shingles roof.

However, don’t let the higher price of a metal roof to discourage you from making this smart investment into your home. Keep in mind that energy savings on your cooling costs, and not having to re-roof again in 12 to 17 years will easily help off set the higher initial cost of your new metal roof.

Curb Appeal, Recouped Value, Strong ROI, and Other Benefits

Your home’s value will improve, and you will never have to tell a prospective home buyer that they may have to put on a new roof should you ever decide to sell your home and move to a new one. Lets not mention all the compliments you will receive from your friends and family. Finally think of the comfort of having an infallible confidence in your roof, no matter what storm may be headed your way!

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  1. In New Zealand, galvanised iron, colour steel and now Zinc-Aluminium roofing has been standard for over 100 years. In England and the US, steel roofing is regarded as only suitable for sheds, but here we love it. They last for a very long time and have far less maintenance than slates or clay or concrete tiles. We don’t use wooden shingles at all. Here, they are the cheapest form of roofing and as we live in an earthquake region, are a far safer option. Thet would need to be painted light colours in areas that get hot in the summer and you would probably need ceiling space ventilation, but steel roofing is definitely the way to go.

  2. I appreciate your tip on how metal roofing can be very long lasting. I imagine that any added costs of installation would be made up by the fact that a metal roof would last longer than other traditional materials. My wife and I are getting started on a pretty big remodel, when we get to the roof maybe we should consider metal to save us money in the long run.

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