RoofCostCalculator.com project was started by a group of experienced residential and commercial roofing and construction professionals, with the goal of providing comprehensive and easy to understand roofing information for home owners and small business owners.

Our roofing cost calculator located on the homepage of the site was coded by volunteer team of programmers from Boston University. The figures for the calculator were provided by local residential and commercial roofing contractors, as well as contractors from outside the state. Please let us know if our calculator does not accurately reflect what you charge in your location so we can build a more comprehensive resource for homeowners and provide regionally-adjusted pricing figures.

Content-wise, we primarily focus on residential roofing systems including shingles, tiles, cedar shakes, metal, and slate roofs. We also cover flat roofing systems, along with roof maintenance, roof repair, and other relevant topics. You can get in touch with the editorial team by filling out our easy contact form.

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